Good to have them DrTill's Friends In The Net

GŁnther GŁnther Schmidlhner

E-Mail him.
Visit his homepage.

He is as rad as he looks.

And he got a nifty Home Page!
Olivia Olivia Tecosky

E-Mail her.

I just love her!
Alexander Alexander Regier

E-Mail him.

Old friend of mine!

Also called "Alex v. Durham"
Ramona Tecosky

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Visit her homepage.

I like her even more since she e-mailed me!
(Once or twice?)
But what's up now?

Meret Forster E-mail her.
Kirsten Jung E-mail her.
Bob Belenky E-mail him.
A complete nerd! (MadNic) E-mail him.


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